Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Digital transformation and Information Technology (IT) have become the buzzwords across all areas of business.
But what do those words mean for your business?
Digitalisation is not any more meant just the virtual identity and setting-up web pages. The development of Information Technology leads to simplified processes and contribute to improved services.
All features of your digitalised and IT services must be defined with your general terms and other company acts to ensure a transparent relationship with your customers, clients, governmental institutions as well as other stakeholders on the respective market. Doing so, you are managing the expectations, with rights and duties and legal liability risks. 
The creation of suitable legal frame of business starts in your company. This is your and our challenge and a great opportunity.

Legal services:

Legalisation of electronic documents

Electronic invoicing and ordering

Terms and conditions of web

Personal data protection on web

Intellectual property on web

Privacy protection in digital services


Terms and conditions of digital services

Legal risk management of digital services

Commercial contract on-line

Work from home (digital nomads) Use of digital equipment