Development of business models

Development of business models

State and international legal systems make a significant part of contemporary entrepreneurship environment.
However, most parts of innovative ventures remain unrecognised or even out of the focus of the law regulating commercial activities.
For creators of innovative ventures, it becomes difficult to fit their ideas and actions within existing legal regulation.
The risk of acting at the limits or on the edge of the legal frame or even out of it is most probably.
Gaps in legal regulation make an opportunity for the creation of entrepreneurial self-regulation which is more desirable behaviour.
The entrepreneurs are challenged to set-up their own terms and procedures of innovative venture models, creating in such way a separate regulatory frame which is an alternative to the state-made legal system.
Autonomous regulation achieves business transparency and clearly defines your services content. Furthermore, you may control your clients’ and customers’ expectations. Finally, the legal liability risk management is implemented.
The activity of the creation of own regulatory environment, therefore, is not preserved just for already established and big businesses and corporation.

Legal services:

Starting of craft activities

Register of taxpayers

Self-employment (fee-lancers)

Legal frame of marketing

Creation of self-regulation frame of business models

Checking of legal conditions for implementation of business models